Imago Image

Responsive Image Container

Renders an image in a responsive container. The image will determine itself the best size to get from the server. This includes also high dpi rendering on retina screens.

We serve all images form 1px to 4000px in 1px steps. Yes thats 4000 different image sizes.

Attribute Default Values Description
align top left top left, bottom right, ... Position of the image inside the container
sizemode fit fit, crop fit or crop image into the container
responsive true true, false Watch for resize and resize stop
scale 1 Number Multiplier for default resolution
lazy true true, false When true load when in view
maxsize 4000 Number Max pixel of longer side the widget can request
placeholder false true, false Show blury preview of image
allowDrag true true, false Allow draging image to the desktop
width Number Number Manually supply a image width
height Number Number Manually supply a image height
data n/a Imago asset or path Data source
  • Crop


  • Fit